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Delgado, Gerardo

Gerardo Delgado (Olivares, 1942) is a painter, architect, writer and theorist of art. His work is represented in many museums and collections in Spain and the U.S.

He studies architecture in Seville, a discipline that provided him analytical and rational training he use to give singularity to his work. Linked to the forefront of his time, Delgado participates in the New Generation group and in the Computer Centre of the Complutense University of Madrid, where he used the computer as a tool of artistic creation in the 70s. He currently teaches at the School of Architecture at the University of Seville.

Throughout his career, Gerardo Delgado has starred a large number of solo and group exhibitions, and his work is exhibited in Spanish museums and in international collections including the National Centre Reina Sofia of Madrid, Juan March Foundation, Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art, La Caixa Foundation, Suite C. and W. Golinelli New York, The Chase Manhattan Bank NA and the Museum of Navarre, among others..

Delgado worked  at "Grupo Quince”, and some of his works at this gallery were made there.

“Grupo Quince” was a studio and gallery, key within the scene graph contemporary Spanish that was born in the early 70's, responding to socio-cultural concerns of the moment as well as the emergence of artists experimenting with different printmaking techniques. For 14 years, “Grupo 15” provided a framework for the professional development of more than one hundred artists. Some of the artists who made their works in this studio were the artists of the movements "Dau al Set", "El Paso", Equipo Crónica, and many other internationally renowned that can be found at COON ART.


Sin título

Ref 25 Gerardo Delgado EJEXP

Title of the work: Sin título


Etching | 63 x 77 cm


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