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Eduardo Arroyo (Madrid, 1937) is a painter connected to the pop art and Spanish figuration whose works are represented in the most important Spanish museums. Arroyo is a versatile artist able to create works of different genres, such as painting, theater or literature.

After graduating in Journalism in 1957, he decided to move to Paris to escape the Franco regime. In France’s capital, he developed the first of his vocation, that of writer. In the 60 he was influenced by American pop art and the paintings of this period receive the color and symbolism of advertising and the media. Among the topics of those years is frequently the representation of dictators like Franco, Hitler or Mussolini. Simultaneously with the critical anti-Franco, he worried about the commitment of the art and about cutting edge.

His critical speech reaches its maximum fullness in the 80 and he was awarded in 1982 with the National Prize of Plastic Arts and held a retrospective of his work at the National Library of Madrid and at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.



Ref EARROYO_113-16

Title of the work: Platón

Year 1989

Lithography in 5 colors | 65 cm x 50 cm

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Homenaje A La Torre Eiffel

Ref EARROYO_113-19

Title of the work: Homenaje A La Torre Eiffel

Year 1989

Lithography in 6 colors | 76 cm x 56 cm


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La Carretera

Ref EARROYO_113-42

Title of the work: La Carretera

Year 1983

Lithography | 76,2 cm x 54 cm


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Ref EARROYO_113-3

Title of the work: L’Africana

Year 1972

Lithography | 65 cm x 96 cm


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