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The 10 most valued contemporary Spanish artists in the world



Do you know who are the top 10 Spanish artists sought by buyers at auctions?

At COON ART gallery you can view and acquire works of most of them.

1. Miquel Barceló. He is the king of the international market. He’s the Spanish alive artist most valued in the world. The price of his work “Faena de muleta” exceeded M€4.5 at a Christie’s auction in 2011. He’s one of the few artists, together with Antonio Lopez and Tàpies, who sell a work over M€1.

2. Juan Muñoz. His sudden death in 2001 stops a great career that was gaining high reputation worldwide. He has international prestige despite not being well known in Spain. His is well known in the New York market.

3. Jaume Plensa. He achieves, year by year, more and more international prestige and reputation worldwide.

4. Antonio Lopez. In 2008 he became the most valued living Spanish painter until he was ousted by Barceló. His realistic landscapes and portraits likes worldwide.

5. Antoni Tàpies. His works always traded up at auctions. He’s already a classic and well known internationally. His work " Azul LXIX " reached at London the amount of M€1.10.

6. Eduardo Chillida. One of the most emblematic and internationally recognized Spanish artists.His works are part of the best art collections worldwide.

7. Manolo Valdés. From his studio in New York, Valdes has become one of the best Spanish artists in the international arena. His works of Meninas and portraits success worldwide.

8. Eduardo Arroyo. A versatile artist with a strong personality. He has an extensive career with great international projection. He works at France since he has 20 years old.

9. Antonio Saura. Artist whose works are seen in Europe as the classical avant-grade Spanish art.

10. Carmen Laffón. The figurative artist from Seville has an important place at the international market but rarely is possible to see her works in an auction, so when there are any, it’s the focus of the art collectors.

Other Spanish artists who success in the international market are: Luis Gordillo, Juan Uslé, Lucio Muñoz, and José María Sicilia.

The contemporary Spanish Art has a globally important place worldwide, with high visibility and reputation. This is being reinforced by the increasing art collection. The list of the top 500 sought artists worldwide includes Miquel Barceló, Juan Muñoz and Jaume Plensa, as well as 200 Chinese names.

At COON ART gallery, you can acquire prints from many of the more valued artists worldwide as Tàpies, Chillida, Plensa, Valdes, Arroyo, Laffón, Gordillo and Muñoz.


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