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The progress of the art on line: Amazon, Icidexpos...


The incremental use of Internet allows access to more services and products to and from any geographic location. Art is not an exception, and large and small market players are betting online art.

As an example, Amazon prepares to launch an online art platform later this year, as published by the newspaper El Pais. The site will serve to deliver more than 1,000 works of more than 125 galleries, medium and emerging galleries mainly from the U.S. as Vogt Gallery, On Stellar Rays, or Zach Feuer. Knowing the market approach of Amazon, it's likely that this site will offer multiple art editions in order to make available prices to customers...

On the other hand, we highlight the virtual exhibition French space Icidexpos, that offer exhibitions one per month in three rooms for each region of France (currently available Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrenees regions) promoting the art with painters, illustrators, sculptors and photographers, and with a special focus on new talent artists.

And of course, there are also more and more online art galleries, as the contemporary art one COON ART.


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