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What is an edition of art? Advantages of buying editions


Would you like to buy an art work, but you feel that it’s too expensive for your budget? Let us remind you that there are works, by renowned international artists and emerging ones, pocket-sized. There are editions of prints, sculptures and photographs, i.e. original works which have been edited multiple times and therefore there is more than one copy of each one. 

These art works are much cheaper than the unique ones, without losing its cultural value or exclusivity. In addition, buying an edition of art, maded with traditional techniques or new formats, allows many people to start a collection of art.

An edition requires the numbering of all works, and this process is supervised by the artist and the editor, and the gallery (if any) certifies it through the Certificate of Authenticity. As you may suppose, as smaller the edition is, i.e. the number of copies of the edition is small, higher the value of each of the works has.

In sculpture “original” is an edition of 2-8 works, if the edition has from 8 up to 75 works then it’s call “multiple”, and from 75 and more, it’s call “suite”. Once the editing has been completed, the matrix or the original sheet is destroyed to prevent the edition of additional copies.

Art editions currently enjoys very good health, more and more people are interested in acquiring editions of prints, sculptures and photographs, and also, the artists perform this type of work as a way to better develop their expressiveness.

There are a growing number of workshops, courses and competitions related to engraving and printmaking arising worldwide. In addition, there are fairs dedicated exclusively to this art, as Estampa Arte Múltiple in Madrid, where increasingly more people come. Answering to this demand, COON ART gallery will be present this year, for the first time, at Estampa.

At COON ART you can buy editions of prints, sculptures and photographs of many emerging and internationally renowned artists, as Tàpies, Chillida, Plensa, Madoz, Valdes, and Gordillo.


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