COON ART is the trademark of a contemporary art online gallery that sells on Internet a selection of art works of the best contemporary art, including drawing, sculpture, engraving, photography, painting, and video.

COON ART's portfolio of artists includes internationally renowned names, half-career and emerging artists in all previous artistic disciplines.

The gallery was created in 2011 by a multidisciplinary group of professionals from the art world and the technological industry. Its mission: "to bring ART everyone every places, with the highest levels of exclusivity and quality".

The gallery team is coordinated by Elena Rodriguez Mayol, who with a long history of business management, and linked to the engraving gallery Grupo15, is passionate about art.

Photo: Estampa art fair 2013, Madrid

COON ART ships the works to the majority of countries of Europe and America and occasionally to some countries of other continents.

Currently, and in order for to have a secure payment process, the payment method is through PayPal, with account or credit / debit card.

All works are delivered with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY, issued by the gallery and eventually also by the artist.

At COON ART we have collaborators, who help us better serve customers. This includes art consultants, curators, architects and interior designers. You can contact them directly if you wish. We also have a free advice service from COON ART.

You can also follow us through social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

We hope you enjoy this gallery, and please do not hesitate to contact us at to ask or suggest anything.