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Genovés, Juan

The painter Juan Genovés (Valencia, 1930) has exhibited in over 21 countries on five continents. He has been awarded with the Mention of Honor at the Venice Biennial, the Gold Medal at the San Marino International Biennial, the Spanish National Art Prize, and the Gold Medal for Merit in the Arts by the Spanish Culture Department.

Trained at the Valencia Art College, Genovés join several important movements in the post war Spanish art scene: Los Siete, Parpallós and Hondo. At first he developed a style of painting that was expressionist and provocative. During the sixties Genovés had a creative crisis which he got over quickly. He started to consider two subjects in his painting: the "individual" and "the crowd". In the eighties Genovés started a new period in his painting in which he focused on the urban landscape, reducing it to a chromatic range of gray, blue and ocher to make up "spaces of loneliness". In recent years he has investigated the static movement in painting and visual rhythm.

His work has been exhibited in Germany, Africa, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Finland, France, Holland, England, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Poland, Switzerland, United States and Venezuela, as well as in major cities of Spain.


Sin título


Titre de l'œuvre Sin título

Année 2004

Grabado | Grabado a la manera negra y aguafuerte | 56 cm x 76 cm


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