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Madoz, Chema

The humor and irony are always present in the work of Chema Madoz (Madrid, 1958) awarded with the National Prize for Photography in 2000. Fascinated with black and white, each piece reveals a hidden world under daily things.

Madoz studied Art History at the University of Madrid while studying photography at the Education Center of the Image.

His first one-man exhibition was on 1985. Since then his work has been traveling all over Spain: Fine Arts Circle in Madrid, Centro Galego Contemporary Art of Santiago de Compostela, Reina Sofia Museum, Navarra Museum, Telefonica Foundation and Museum of Fine Arts in La Coruña, among others. Outside Spain, he held exhibitions in Los Angeles, Arizona, Dallas, Tokyo, Brussels, Florence, Milan, Stockholm, Manila, Lisbon, Cairo, Denmark, Rio de Janeiro, Thessaloniki, Paris and other cities.




Titre de l'œuvre Dominó

Année 2003

Fotografía con marco | 40 cm x 30 cm


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