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Christo Vladimirov Javacheff (Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 1935) became famous for packaging objects. He starts with small items and, at the end, he and his wife wrapped monuments, buildings, bridges, etc. They have created installations in many countries around the world.

Christo studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia between 1953 and 1956. Later he moved to Paris and earned money by painting portraits. In the town of Sena met Jeanne-Claude and they get married in 1962. Both moved to New York in 1964 and start to build large installations.

His projects and works, often controversial, have been classified as Land-art, using the landscape as part of their creations, but they prefer to call them Environmental Art.

Some or their major projects are: Valley Curtain, hanging 400 meters long in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado; surrounded eleven islands in Miami's Biscayne Bay with pink woven polypropylene fabric; The Umbrellas, 1340 blue and yellow umbrelas in California and Japan at the same time; Wrapped Trees, wrapping 178 trees in the Park Berower of Switzerland; The Gates, more than 7,000 gates in Central Park in New York.


Wrapped Sidney Opera House


Titre de l'œuvre Wrapped Sidney Opera House

Année 1990

Collage-lithographie | 76 x 62 cm


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The Port Alexandre III


Titre de l'œuvre The Port Alexandre III

Année 1990

Collage-Lithographie | 70 x 75 cm


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Wrapped Woman


Titre de l'œuvre Wrapped Woman

Année 1996

Collage-Litografía (Plástico-Cartón) | 55,5 cm x 71 cm


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