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Nagel, Andrés

Andrés Nagel (San Sebastián1947) is a versatile artistsculptor, painter, engraver, photographer, and writer. His work is characterized by experimentation with different techniques and material, and aesthetic languages.

Nagel studied architecture at the University of Pamplona, although from the beginning he decanted for the art world, painting, sculpture, etc. His first steps engraving were at Grupo Quince, and some works of COON ART were made there.

Grupo Quince was a studio and gallery, key within the scene graph contemporary Spanish that was born in the early 70's, responding to socio-cultural concerns of the moment as well as the emergence of artists experimenting with different printmaking techniquesFor 14 years, “Grupo 15” provided a framework for the professional development of more than one hundred artists. Some of the artists who made their works in this studio were the artists of the movements "Dau al Set", "El Paso", Equipo Crónica, and many other internationally renowned that can be found at COON ART.

Andrés Nagel has exhibited at numerous Spanish cities as well as at leading U.S. cities.


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Ref7 Andres Nagel HC

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Eau-forte | 77 X 55,5 cm


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