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Ruiz-Zorrilla, Marisa

Marisa Ruiz-Zorrilla (Madrid, 1955) is an artist that has received many awards, as the Gold Medal from “l'Académie Européenne des Arts” in Paris, the Honour Medal of the “BMW Prize for Painting” in Spain, and the Silver Medal of the “40th International Art Grand Prix” in Belgium.

Her creative process is marked by on-going experimentation, which deals with the interrelationship between subject fields and art techniques, merging and fusing them to such a degree that all boundaries disappear, thus creating her own personal artistic representation of a given idea.

Her works have been exhibited in various European cities such as Madrid, Paris, Venice, and Gembloux, and in New York City.

Having graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with a degree in Philosophy, she explores Art and Psychoanalysis which have a big influence in her work as a whole.


Fantasía a las diez


Titre de l'œuvre Fantasía a las diez

Année 2007

photographie | 75 x 50 cm


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Titre de l'œuvre Susurro

Année 2007

Photographie | 75 x 50 cm


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Arrecife coral


Titre de l'œuvre Arrecife coral

Année 2010

Photo, papier de coton Hannemuller | 60 x 40 cm


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Metamorfosis azul


Titre de l'œuvre Metamorfosis Azul

Année 2013

Encres et résine sur Dibond | 180 x 55 cm


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